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Lost Ark Best Places to Forage: Level Up Foraging Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

The ever-evolving world of Arkesia is filled with different abilities, and Foraging is one of the skills under the Trade Skills tab. This one will have you traversing the plains to gather flowers, mushrooms, and plants needed for potion crafting. Here are the best places to Forage in Lost Ark and a level up guide.

How to Unlock Foraging in Lost Ark

The particular skill is unlocked and leveled up by completing the story quest, Crown of Lakebar. Alongside Foraging, you will also get five other Trade Skills: Mining, Hunting, Excavating, Fishing, and Logging.

When you have unlocked Foraging, there is one more step that you need to take before going out into the world to collect plants. Go to Nickel in Lakebar Village to get the Novice Foraging Tool. Now you are all set. However, be aware that you must obtain the tool on the first try. Otherwise, you will fail to forage.  

Foraging Level Up Guide

In the beginning, you will be able to pick up simple herbs, but as you progress in the game and upgrade Foraging, you’ll unlock the ability to collect other complex materials and unlock the following abilities:

  • Pick Plant (Lv.1, Passive Ability) – An essential Foraging ability to gather from plant nodes. 
  • Botanist (Lv. 10, Passive Ability) – Allows you to pick from Mushroom nodes.
  • Natural Tone (Lv. 20, Passive Ability) 
  • Golden Finger (Lv. 30, Passive Ability)

Once you have reached Master Level Foraging, you will acquire specialization upgrades;

  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Speed
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Best Places to Level Up Foraging in Lost Ark

Although the open world is rich with mythical beasts and other enemies, there aren’t many locations suitable for Forage leveling. Here are the best areas: 

Delphi Forest

Make this an absolute must for your first farming location. The Delphi Forest is found on the Continent of Anikka and is a part of the Delphi Township. 

Mainly, there are Tier I flowers, Mokoko seeds, and flowers. However, you might stumble upon some tier 2 flowers, adding a bonus to your XP. You will be able to level up your Foraging to a certain extent here, but make sure to reload the zone by changing channels before collecting all flowers to respawn the wildflowers and collect them again. 

Mendrick Monastery

This farming location is found in the West Luterra Continent. Next to the Freyad Village sign, you will find a field of flowers that spawn in an amount large enough for you to impact your Foraging leveling. There are a few enemies, but they are not a real threat as you can quickly eliminate them. 

Slime Island 

Slime Island is a late-game location for farming. This is because it is overrun by numerous enemies, primarily trash mobs. However, note that this is a PVP zone and PVP players might also attack you. 

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Loot the island as quickly as possible by following the farming route.

Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island is by far the best farming location. Found between Tortoyk and Anikka, this island is the heaven for leveling up your Trade skills. In addition to being the free-enemy zone, it is also a sweet spot for leveling up, not just Foraging but Mining and Logging. 

How to Speed Up Foraging Leveling

If you run out of flowers to collect, you can always reload the zone by changing the channel on the top right of the minimap.

You should also craft the Adept Foraging tool, which is much better than the basic one. However, the recipe for crafting the Adept Foraging tool can only be purchased from one of the Visiting Merchants. You can find them in your strongholds. 

Moreover, there are a few potions that increase the workload a player can endure. They are ‘Minor Life Energy Potion’ and ‘Weekly Trade Potion Pack’. With these, you can spend more time farming flower nodes, thus increasing your Foraging level quickly. 

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