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Lost Ark: Deathblade Leveling Skills Guide

by Jesse Vitelli

Lost Ark, the action MMO from Smilegate, is filled with different characters and abilities to pick and choose from. Maybe you want to be a rough and tough Warrior, or perhaps the skillful Gunner. Either way, leveling through the game is going to take a pretty solid build to overcome hurdles and tribulations thrown your way. Here is our Deathblade leveling skills guide to help you out.

Lost Ark: Deathblade Leveling Skills Guide

So you’ve chosen the Deathblade, the three sword-wielding assassin. You probably have already realized that you’re rather squishy and can’t soak up a ton of damage. This means we will want to build your leveling skills to ensure you have as much raw damage output as possible. This will allow you to burst enemies down quickly without fighting a war of attrition.

Below you will find the skills worth using and how many skill points you should put into each skill. A reminder this is just for leveling. once you hit 50, you’ll want to redo your skills for endgame content. This build is solely for helping you push through the solo content of the game.

  • Spincutter: 5 Skill Points to unlock Open Weakness
  • Polestar: 10 Skill Points to unlock Moon Star
  • Soul Absorber: Max out ASAP to take Swift Fingers and Fist of Darkness
  • Maelstrom: 10 Skill Points
  • Blitz Rush: 4 Skill Points

There are other abilities like Death Sentence and Turning Slash which can be used on a case-by-case basis, but we don’t recommend pumping skill points into them for leveling purposes.

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