How to Take on the Big Bang Burger Challenge in Persona 5 Royal

Do you have the guts to take on the Big Bang Burger Challenge?

If you happen to be exploring Shibuya in Persona 5 Royal, one of the fun challenges that provides some social stat benefits are the Big Bang Burger Challenges, which can be found at the burger joint of the same name. This guide will demonstrate where to find Persona 5 Royal’s eating challenge, how to start it, and the awards for conquering it.

Where to Find Big Bang Burger in Persona 5 Royal

The Big Bang Burger can be found in Central Street near the center of the bustling location of Shibuya. You can see the exact location in the picture above, on the map Big Bang Burger appears as a yellow hamburger icon. Once found, you can head inside to chow down on some burgers, or take the burger challenge.

Once you’ve discovered the fast food restaurant and visited it once, you will be able to fast travel to Big Bang Burger in the future making retrying the challenge, or taking subsequent burger challenges a much quicker task.

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How to Start the Big Bang Burger Challenges

Upon entering the Big Bang Burger, the science fiction-themed hamburger joint will provide three options, “Order takeout,” “Take the Challenge” or “Leave.”

The Big Bang Burger Challenges can be started by selecting “Take the Challenge” option.

The challenge costs 1,500 yen, so make sure you have the required funds before you head out to the Big Bang Burger in Shibuya.

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The Challenge and Rewards

There are three Big Bang Burger Challenges aptly named the Comet Burger, Gravity Burger, and Cosmo Town Burger respectively. The first of the challenges is the Comet Burger Challenge, which requires level two of Guts, Knowledge, and Proficiency Social Stats to pass, while the Gravity and Cosmo Town Burgers require level three and level four of the aforementioned stats respectively.

If you pass the challenge, then every Social stat (except for Kindness) will receive one point increase, and you will earn the Second Mate, First Mate, and Captain badges for defeating the three challenges respectively. If you fail a challenge, then you will instead be awarded a boost in guts dependent on the level of challenge that you couldn’t complete.

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