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How to Buy Items from the Home Shopping Program in Persona 5 Royal

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by Grant Testa

The Home Shopping Program in Persona 5 Royal is an important resource to help your party obtain some rare items, which can be shipped right to Cafe Leblanc. This guide will demonstrate how to buy items from the Home Shopping Program in Persona 5 Royal, giving you everything you need to know for the game’s TV home shopping program.

Where to Find the Home Shopping Program

The Home Shopping Program can be viewed in Leblanc Coffee. It airs each Sunday, and your trusty companion, Morgana, will consistently remind you that the program is airing.

The TV is located downstairs from your room in Cafe Leblanc, on the left side, adjacent to where the coffee is found.

How to Buy Items

Each week, the Home Shopping Program will present two items available for purchase. However, the catch is that you can only buy one of the items, as the other will sell out before you can buy it.

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Eventually, you will reach a screen that shows the two items available for purchase, a description, and their respective prices.

When you make your decision, you can buy the item of your choice, while the other will be sold out. Make sure that you have the necessary funds before you start perusing the Home Shopping Program though, as you could miss out on some rare, quality goods if you don’t have the necessary amount of yen.

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Once you have made your purchase, the program will end, and in a matter of days, a package with your purchased goods will arrive at Cafe Leblanc, ready for use in the Metaverse by the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

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