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How to Make Curry in Persona 5 Royal

Curry On, My Wayward Son

by Grant Testa

Making Curry is an important use of your time in Persona 5 Royal, and provides a number of benefits that can help inside and outside of combat, as well as improving social stats. This guide will demonstrate where and how to make curry in Persona 5 Royal, as well as elucidating the benefits of the dish.

Where and When Can You Make Curry?

Curry can be made by examining the fridge in Cafe Leblanc. Unlike brewing coffee, curry requires Joker to have more of a bond with his legal guardian, Sojiro Sakura, and the confidant level must be at least rank four in order to be able to cook the delectable dish that Cafe Leblanc specializes in. Once you have developed a stronger bond with Sojiro, you can make curry on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These are the only days it can be made, however, don’t hesitate to check the fridge on other days, as sometimes you can find useful extra items in their to add to your party’s inventory.

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How to Make Curry

Once you have met the required bond with Sojiro and it is either a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, it’s time to cook the best curry in Yongen-Jaya. Simply choose “Let’s make some curry” when prompted by Morgana’s question, “Gonna make some curry?”

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Curry Benefits

Curry provides a host of benefits. First, aside from the actual gameplay, some interesting interesting facts about the ingredients of curry can be learned, which are highly interesting, as you just might be surprised by some of the unique ingredients found in curry.

However, the two tangible benefits in Persona 5 Royal are that curry increases the social stat “guts” by one point each time curry is made, and you can acquire Decent Curry x2 to use in the Metaverse as well. Curry can increase your party’s SP or “Spirit Points,” which allows you to conjure the special magical Persona abilities. This is very important when infiltrating Palaces or exploring Mementos, as you can keep the fun going by serving your allies some of Sojiro’s famous curry. Once you further increase Joker’s bond with Sojiro Sakura, better curry can be cooked, which is even more useful to you and your allies.

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