How to Brew Coffee in Persona 5 Royal

A guide to making coffee and its many benefits in Persona 5 Royal

Brewing coffee is an important use of your time in Persona 5 Royal, and provides a number of benefits that can help inside and outside of combat, as well as improving social stats. This guide will demonstrate where and how to brew coffee in Persona 5 Royal, as well as elucidating the benefits that coffee brings.

Where Can Coffee Be Made in Persona 5 Royal?

Coffee can be made at Cafe LeBlanc, you should be familiar with it as “Joker” (your character) lives there.

The coffee is found on the far left side of the counter, somewhat near where the television is. You need to make sure you’ve reached Confidant Rank One with Sojiro Sakura (your legal guardian) in order to be able to even make the delicious caffeine beverage.

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How to Brew Coffee

Brewing coffee is very simple. Once you’ve found the location of the coffee, simply examine the coffee, and choose “I’ll brew some coffee.” when Morgana asks you, “Are you going to try making some coffee?”

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The Benefits of Coffee

The benefits of brewing coffee are twofold. First, each time you make coffee, you get a boost to your “charm” social stat. This is important, as maxing out social stats can open opportunities for your character in the “real world” and help you in your path as a Phantom Thief of Hearts in the Metaverse.

The second benefit of coffee is that each time you create a brew, you get Leblanc Coffee x2 added to your inventory. Each LeBlanc Coffee increases SP by 30 points, SP (also known as Spirit Points) is the resource used to power magical Persona attacks in combat. This means that when you and your party are infiltrating castles, exploring Mementos, etc., coffee is a great way to replenish SP and keep the action going, instead of having to regroup when you and your allies start running low.

Furthermore, when you brew coffee, the vast majority of the time you will get a coffee lesson from Sojiro Sakura about the sources of the coffee and their differences in flavor, which can be very interesting. As you continue playing the game and keep improving your bond with Sojiro Sakura, you can begin to brew better Leblanc coffee, which will further help you and your party on your mission to steal the hearts of the corrupted adults.

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