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All Exam Answers in Persona 5 Royal

I didn't know there would be a test! I didn't study!

by Grant Testa

Since Persona 5 Royal’s story centers around high school students and largely takes place at the prep school, Shujin Academy, as expected, it only makes sense that there would be schoolwork and exams to manage, as a Phantom Thief still needs a good education after all. However, for the brave, intelligent few who manage to successfully answer all of the exam questions correctly in Persona 5 Royal, an achievement is in order. Those who ace each of the game’s four exams in May, July, October, and December will be awarded the “A Most Studious Disguise” achievement denoting that they “scored the highest on their exams.” This guide will demonstrate all of the exam answers in Persona 5 Royal and will sort the exam answers by date, presenting the precise selections needed in order to ace each of the game’s tests.

May Exam Answers – Listed by Date

May 11

  1. Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
  2. Minamoto no Yoritomo.
  3. Yoritomo won.
  4. The weak.

May 12

  1. Cognition
  2. Both.

May 13

  1. The Devil’s Dictionary.
  2. Femme Fatale.

July Exam Answers – Listed by Date

July 13

  1. 64 Degrees.
  2. Zhuge Liang.
  3. Barbarians’ heads.
  4. To offer them instead of heads.

July 14

  1. Red King Crab (Paralithodes).
  2. It caused confusion in the economy.

July 15

  1. Raining cats and dogs.
  2. Demon guts.

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October Exam Answers – Listed by Date

October 17

  1. 32 surfaces.
  2. It used to be one color.
  3. Black and white picture.

October 18

  1. Charles-Henri Sanson.
  2. It’s a hereditary profession.

October 19

  1. Slave labor.
  2. 3 bees in all of Europe.

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December Exam Answers – Listed by Date

December 20

  1. D.
  2. Over one billion yen.
  3. Having his head displayed.
  4. Public performance.

December 21

  1. Hearts
  2. Attend.

December 22

  1. Japan
  2. Dreadnought.

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