How to Solve The Daunt Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

Unlocking the Vista Point in The Daunt

How to Solve The Daunt Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

In the vast world of Horizon Forbidden West, there are many beautiful locations, but there are only nine special Vista Points that unlock a rare view into the world as it was 1,000 years ago. These places are mostly related to Vista Towers which are scattered everywhere on the Forbidden West map. Here’s how to find and solve The Daunt Vista Point in HFW.

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How to Solve The Daunt Vista Point in Horizon Forbidden West

The Vista Tower in Daunt can be found south of Chainscrape. You will see a tall satellite tower south of the place where Chargers spawn. Once there, use your focus (R3) to scan the box at the base of the tower to start the quest.

The starting position for the Daunt Vista Point

In order to complete The Daunt Vista Point, you need to go to the campfire location east of the point where the quest started. Then go north across the river. Look at the back of the riverbank and you’ll notice the base of a bridge – head there and use your Focus again and turn to the Relic Ruins to complete this Vista Point.

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To keep track of other Vista Points and everything else in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, you can always check the interactive map at MapGenie.

Once you complete all Vista Points, you will unlock one final quest to “Collect the Vista Point Reward” at the Isle of Spires. There, you will find a lootable safe containing random materials as a reward and one short audio log from Elisabet Sobeck – that alone makes this Vista Point hunt a must for all you completionists out there.

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