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How to Soft Reset in Fire Emblem Engage

Gotta get that 100% survival rate, man..

by Matt Vatankhah

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG, and that means partaking in long, strenuous battles that may or may not result in your units biting the dust. Sometimes, those deaths can be units that you don’t have any emotional attachment to, however, other times it can be a prized unit that you’ve spent a lot of time with. Whatever the reason may be, a long-time strategy that players have adopted over the series’ lifetime is Soft Resetting, which is essentially like hitting the ‘Quick Load’ button on an older PC game. While the practice has a little bit of contention amongst the Fire Emblem community, it’s no secret that it’s commonly used. Either way, we’ll guide you on how to soft reset in Fire Emblem Engage below.

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How to Soft Reset in Fire Emblem Engage

Luckily, Fire Emblem Engage makes it relatively simple to do a soft reset. So, if you’re not satisfied with how a battle is playing out, just follow the instructions below.

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  • Open the main menu by pressing the plus (+) button
  • Select the System menu
  • In the System menu, select Retry

By choosing Retry, you’ll be able to restart the battle from the beginning, as if all your units never suffered their cruel fates from moments ago. Keep in mind, this method resets all experience and levels gained throughout the battle as well, so any stats your units may have gained will also be lost.

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Now that you’ve learned how to Soft Reset, you really have no excuse to ever finish a battle without 100% unit survival, do you? No pressure. For more information on Fire Emblem Engage, check out our other guides here at Prima Games, like How to Claim Order of Heroes Item Set and How to Unlock and Use Photo Mode.

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