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How to Romance Mercy in Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

Do you think she'll pocket me now?

by Daphne Fama

Loverwatch, Overwatch 2’s official (but non-canon) dating sim has made its grand debut one day before Valentine’s Day. This surreal dating sim gives players the opportunity to take their maladaptive daydreaming and self-insert fanfiction to the next level. And by that, I mean I mean you can actually date Mercy or Genji. And what fool would pick Genji when Angela Ziegler is right there? Here’s how to date Mercy in Loverwatch, Overwatch 2’s Dating Sim.

How to Romance Mercy in Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

You’ll have the opportunity to choose Mercy the moment your eyes adjust in the Laff Attic. Do so, and you’ll see Mercy in her full battle regalia, Caduceus Staff and wings included, sitting in the corner. You have to respect a doctor that’s always ready to lay down some heals.

You’ll then get the chance to decide how you feel about her. Select love-struck to reflect on just how amazing she is… and how abysmal your track record in love is. But never fear, Hanzo Cupid is here! This pastel pink harbinger of love is your dedicated wingman.

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Cupid will ask you if you’re feeling the signs of love. Respond I think so!, then reassure him you’re here to win the heart of Mercy. Now… get ready for a quiz on Mercy. Which you’re going to ace. Because you’re reading this guide. All correct answers are bolded.

Loverwatch Quiz Answers for Mercy

  • What is Mercy’s real name? (No right answer)
    • Angela Zeigler
    • Mrs. [Your Username]
  • What is Mercy’s favorite food? (No right answer)
    • Chocolate
    • The tears of careless DPS players
  • What is Dr. Ziegler’s field of research?
    • Biology.
    • Healing. Duh.
    • She has a PhD in Heroes never Die-ism
    • This is rigged! There are no right answers!
  • What would impress such an accomplished woman?
    • I’m a pretty nice person.
    • I’m really funny.
    • I’ll tell her how many hours I clocked on Overwatch.
    • Can’t I just say hi?

Cupid will then make you live out my worse nightmare by forcing a mic on you and telling you to make a joke. One that will impress Mercy.

  • Mercy, do you want to hear my favorite joke about the periodic table?
  • Why doesn’t the surgeon like operating on elbows?

This joke will slay the audience. In that, it will kill them with how bad it is. Fortunately, we have a healer who happens to be impressed by it, and Mercy will head right over to your table. She’ll greet you and you should respond, Hey Dr. Ziegler.

She’ll make a fun medical pun at you, and you should ask her, Has anyone ever told you you’re smart and hilarious?

She’ll then invite you to dinner. Both answers are correct. Now, off we head to Café Azur in Circuit Royal!

Café Azul Date Answers for Mercy

When you arrive at Café Azul, Mercy will be late. You might be tempted to tease her, but it’s far better to go with Happens to the best of us.

You’ll then pick your meal. Select the bircher museli, which was Mercy’s dish in the Overwatch cookbook. Yeah, there’s a cookbook. 

As you dine, you’ll need to select a conversation topic. Opt for What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? To avoid the grim business about Overwatch’s fall from grace and to keep Mercy from drowning you in bio-science. Turns out, Mercy’s a crystal gal! And she loves Rose Quartz.

Next, ask her what does being a hero feel like? She’ll have a brief existential crisis. But that’s how people bond, right? Tell her I need you, Angela. It’s a bold move, but it pays off.

If you followed this guide, Cupid should be very happy with you. Now, we’re off to Cairo to volunteer at a clinic.

Cairo Clinic Date Answers to Date Mercy

You arrive at the Cairo and get straight to work, filing paperwork and mopping floors. Mercy rewards you with a very sad cup of coffee. Drink it enthusiastically.

Ana (you know, Ana Amari), will compliment your fortitude. Mercy will then introduce you to Ana but will fumble over what to define you. Answer for her: Date. I’m Angela’s Date. Hearts will gush out of her head. We’re in the homestretch now. And you’ve impressed Ana! Well done.

Cupid will then ask you how you think the date is going. And if you’ve been following this guide, you should answer: Yeah, I’m pretty confident!

Mercy will then ask to talk to you about something. Follow her. She’ll thank you for bringing understanding, humor, and kindness into her world. You’ll then have the chance to accept Mercy’s Love or Accept Mercy’s Friendship.

And because this is a Date Mercy Guide, you can bet we’re Accepting Mercy’s Love. She’ll then use Valkyrie (and change into her Valkyrie cosmetic?) so you can fly with her through the skies.

You’ll then get a cute card, a Mercy Icon, title, and highlight intro! You can redeem these in the title menu beneath “Rewards”. But note, it might take up to 48 hours for those rewards to appear.

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