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All Skins in the Overwatch 2 Season 3 Battle Pass – Listed

Every new outfit available in the Battle Pass.

by Shawn Robinson

Overwatch 2’s cosmetics may be quite vast, but nothing strikes quite as hard as skins in terms of style and making your character yours. Sure, you can stick with Cassidy’s default skin and be happy with it, but with something like Mystery Man will always strike out a bit stronger. Or perhaps that’s just us. With the release of Season 3 of Overwatch 2, a bunch more skins are now available for a mere $10. Here’s all the skins you can get with the Overwatch 2 Season 3 battle pass.

Every Skin Available in the Season 3 Battle Pass for Overwatch 2

Like previous seasons, every 10 levels you’ll secure yourself a new skin. Unlike previous seasons though, you get two skins just for owning the pass instead of one. These skins are as follows:

Chasa Reaper – Unlocked on Battle Pass Purchase

Overwatch 2 Chasa Reaper
Image via Prima Games.

Black Metal Junker Queen – Unlocked on Battle Pass Purchase

Overwatch 2 Black Metal Junker Queen
Image via Prima Games.

Deluxe Baptiste – Unlocked at Tier 10

Overwatch 2 Deluxe Baptiste
Image via Prima Games.

Invisible Man Cassidy – Unlocked at Tier 20

Overwatch 2 Invisible Man Cassidy
Image via Prima Games.

Folklorica Sombra – Unlocked at Tier 30

Overwatch 2 Folklorica Sombra
Image via Prima Games.

Demon Queen Moira – Unlocked at Tier 40

Overwatch 2 Demon Queen Moira
Image via Prima Games.

Tactical Zarya – Unlocked at Tier 50

Overwatch 2 Tactical Zarya
Image via Prima Games.

Hong Hai Er Junkrat – Unlocked at Tier 60

Overwatch 2 Hong Hai Er Junkrat
Image via Prima Games.

Galactic Sigma – Unlocked at Tier 70

Overwatch 2 Galactic Sigma
Image via Prima Games.

Amaterasu Kiriko – Unlocked at Tier 80

Overwatch 2 Amaterasu Kiriko
Image via Prima Games.

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Alongside all of these skins, you can get tons of cosmetics in between, including highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and much more. There are also rewards after level 80, should you feel invested enough in this season to play a ton. Now get in there and get all of these, especially the Mythic Kiriko skin. It’s got some nice colors.

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