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Kiriko’s New Overwatch 2 Skin Has Divine Inspiration

When you're mad at your brother just plunge the world into endless darkness

A new day has dawned, and with it comes a new season to Overwatch 2. And it’s likely no surprise that one of the newest heroes is seeing her moment in the sunlight with this Season’s Battle Pass. Kiriko has taken the Overwatch world by storm, drawing in new legions of fans with her powerful kit, spunky personality, and unique aesthetic. But her new Mythic Skin, Amaterasu, is more than a unique aesthetic. It’s a nod towards Kiriko’s roots as both a shrine maiden and her country’s unique mythological tapestry.

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Kiriko’s New Overwatch 2 Skin Has Divine Inspiration

Japan has its own unique pantheon, which is filled with gods and creatures of all types. Kiriko is no stranger to this, as her very own fox companion is a kitsune, a yokai (or supernatural entity) that Kiriko can summon. But one of the most prominent members of the Japanese pantheon is Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess and ruler of the heavenly realm, Takamagahara.

Amaterasu is a celestial Shinto deity that is still worshipped in Japan, with one of her best and most storied shrines being in Mie Prefecture. And while Amaterasu is one of the highest deities in the Japanese pantheon, she isn’t alone – she has two brothers, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi, both of whom oversee parts of creation. It’s also Amaterasu’s conflicts with these two brothers that have shaped the world into what it is today. It’s also these two siblings that Kiriko’s alternative cosmetics are inspired by.

Kiriko and the Wild Sea God, Susanoo

Susanoo is the wild god of the tempestuous ocean, which is best represented by the curled crown that Kiriko can wear, along with the white mane of hair that is likely meant to represent the crest of high, stormy waves. Susanoo challenged Amaterasu to a competition, in which they each created a series of gods. Susanoo created the most (5 in total) and began to rage in victory, destroying all in his path. He flooded her rice fields, defiled her palace by defecating on the floors, killed her heavenly horse, then threw it at her celestial loom, killing one of her best weaving maidens.

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In a rage, Amaterasu did what every avoidant personality does best – she left. She delved into the Heavenly Rock Cave, plunging heaven and earth into darkness. Her departure from the sky drew thousands (or perhaps millions) of other kami to the cave, where they begged her to come out. When pleading didn’t work, they resorted to trickery.

“He flooded her rice fields, defiled her palace by defecating on the floors, killed her heavenly horse, then threw it at her celestial loom, killing one of her best weaving maidens.”

Ame-no-Uzume began to dance outside of the cave, tearing off her clothes and drawing such a racket from the crowd that Amaterasu’s curiosity forced her to leave and see what was going on. When Amaterasu demanded to know what was happening, one of the strongest kami rolled a rock back onto the entrance of the cave, preventing Amaterasu from retreating. Seeing that she’d been fooled, Amaterasu agreed to return to the divine heavenly realm, Takamagahara. And her childish younger brother Susanoo? Was permanently exiled, with his nails torn off. What a fate.

Kiriko and the Serene Moon God, Tsukuyomi

As for the third Mythic Skin option, Kiriko can cosplay as Tsukuyomi, her brother and husband (incest is pretty standard for deities, isn’t it?), who rules the sky and the moon. For that reason, Kiriko can wear a crescent moon crown and her skirts have a wispy, cloud-like ripple. Tsukuyomi is also known for their calmness and serenity, which might speak to the elegant and geometric hairstyle that Kiriko can wear, which is reminiscent of the Edo period.

But despite Tsukuyomi’s reputation for serenity, he and his sister-wife didn’t always get along. For a period, both Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu both shared the sky, with the sun sitting close to the moon. They lived together in harmony until, naturally, Tsukuyomi messed everything up.

Amaterasu was unable to attend a feast presented by the goddess of food, Ukemochi. So, she asked her brother-husband, Tsukuyomi, to go in her stead. Tsukuyomi sat down at Ukemochi’s table, which was bare. Tsukuyomi asked the Food Goddess where the banquet was, and Ukemochi began to spit. First, she spit out a grand, perfectly cooked fish. Then she spat out a series of cooked game. Next, she spit out bowls of rice.

Everything was beautifully prepared and likely exquisite to the taste buds, but Tsukuyomi was so disgusted by how the food was created that he killed Ukemochi on the spot. Her dead body produced both food and animals, with cows and horses coming from her head, silkworms coming from her eyebrows, and rice plants sprouting from her stomach.

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As Tsukuyomi stared down upon the body, he knew that his sister wife would be displeased. And indeed, she was. Amaterasu was so enraged, she refused to look at her sibling ever again. She tore the day from the night, separating the skies permanently, so that she’d never have to look upon Ukemochi’s killer ever again. Since then, Tsukuyomi has maintained his own company in those black skies. And I bet he’s really hungry, too.

So, whose colors are you going to rep? The golden Amaterasu? The sea god who’s not above defecating on a floor? Or a moon god who will kill you if you disgust him? Personally, I’ll be combining all three.

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