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How To Ride Fallen Rocks Back Up To The Sky Islands In Tears Of The Kingdom

The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!

by Shaun Cichacki

If you are anything like me, you have still got a bit of Breath of the Wild while exploring the world of Tears of the Kingdom. With six years under my belt, the new abilities that Link learns throughout his journey are engrained into my brain, and it is somewhat difficult to wrap my head around these new powers. If you are in the same situation, maybe you forgot that you could use the Ultrahand to build a quick and dirty raft to cross a river, instead of burning through all of your stamina. Or maybe you come across a giant rock that has just tumbled down from the sky and spent more time than you would like to admit standing on it, waiting for it to do something. Let us find out how to fix that quickly.

How To Get Back To The Sky Islands Using Rocks In Tears Of The Kingdom

As you explore the land of Hyrule, you have likely witnessed a giant rock or two fall directly from the sky, with a large, green trail chasing behind it. Once you approach it and stand on it, you may be waiting for some sort of Zonai technology to rocket you back to the sky. No, just me? Well, if you are like me and have done this more times than you would like to admit, have we got the solution for you!

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If you open your Power Menu by pressing and holding the L Button, you can select Recall and use it on these rocks. This will send you rocketing back up toward the Sky Islands, where you can find plenty of excellent Zonai tech that you can use in your adventures on Hyrule and even the lands below the surface. This simple trick had me flustered for a few hours until I finally remembered and realized that the Ultrahand has so many unique abilities that can make traversal more exciting than ever before on this adventure.

Now that you are ready to explore both air, land, and below the surface, make sure that you are checking into our Tears of the Kingdom guides section below to help you out on every step of the journey before you. It is a massive game, and no two adventures will be the same, so you may need some extra help along the way.

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