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How to Rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy

Oh will please somebody save the poor calf? *faints*

by Nikola L

Hogwarts Legacy is truly a great open-world experience for many Harry Potter fans, where you can do all sorts of things. At some point, you will get a quest called “Take the Biscuit” where you are supposed to rescue a Mooncalf. A Mooncalf is a cute, big-eyed calf-like creature that most Harry Potter fans know and adore already, and Prima Games will provide you tips on how to rescue this peculiar Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Free Biscuit and Complete “Take the Biscuit” Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Garnuff (Quest Giver) is located in the west part of Hogsmeade. The poacher encampment which you should raid in order to free Biscuit is located near the East North Ford Bog, just slightly to the east. The poachers are not that difficult to beat and you should have little to no problems with them.

Alohomora is the spell you need in order to unlock the Mooncalf cage.

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Which One of Them is Biscuit, Anyway?

By looking directly at each of these Mooncalf creatures, you will see the name of the highlighted Mooncalf at the top of the screen. It’s recommended that you use the Disillusionment spell so that you are invisible to them, because they can get startled and start running, and then good luck finding which one of them is called Biscuit. In order to capture Biscuit, you need the famous Nab Sack. Levioso is also a spell to consider when trying to catch this Mooncalf.

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Should I Keep the Biscuit or Return it to Garnuff? Choices Explained

There are two endings to this quest. The choice is entirely up to you. If you give Biscuit back to Garnuff, he will be overjoyed, he’ll give you some currency, and he’ll have his faith restored in wizards.

If you decide to keep the Biscuit for yourself, he will be heartbroken and angry with the entire wizard kind.

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Help, I Cannot Open the Mooncalf Cage! Is this a Bug?

Many players have reported that when they cleared this encampment prior to getting the quest, they lost the possibility to open the cage. It’s just bugged. Here’s the Official WB Games Bug Report page.

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How to Solve the Locked Mooncalf Cage Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

You can either try to edit your save file (PC Only) so that the lock re-appears (Video below) or you can wait for the patch to come out. Please note that you are doing all file editing at your own responsibility. Make sure to back up all the files that you are changing, so that you can restore the original version if things go south.

Source: YouTube

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