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How to Solve the Well, Well, Well Map in Hogwarts Legacy

We're goin' treasure huntin'

by Nikola L

Hogwarts Legacy is home to many interesting puzzles, riddles, and a lot of hidden stuff that you can uncover during your long, long playthrough of this game. In this guide, Prima Games provides you with help for your treasure hunt, on which you are sent by a mysterious well. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

How to Find Treasure in the Well, Well, Well, Side Quest

This Side Quest can be started in the South Hogwarts Region (southeast of Aranshire). You would need to talk to a Magical Well in order to start it.

The Magical Well asks you for help and offers to give you the map. On this map, you see a bridge, a canyon, and a tree, half-surrounded by walls, and an arrow pointing at the tree.

Open your map of the Feldcroft Region. You are supposed to look at the southeast border of this zone and as you zoom in, you will notice that canyon from the map. Ideally, you should be setting a waypoint to the Ancient Magic Hotspot that is located southwest of Irondale. Be mindful that you will need your trusty ol’ Broom because you’ll need to fly a bit for this quest. If you do not have a waypoint yet, you can manually fly from Irondale, it’s not a long journey at all.

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Near the very edge of the zone, you will notice the canyon, a small bridge, and the above-mentioned tree which is half-surrounded by walls. As soon as you approach the tree, your character will hint that there is something interesting regarding that tree.

In order to reach the buried treasure you need to use Levioso to uproot the tree. Your character will make a remark about how this is an interesting method to hide treasure, and that’s it, you can grab it!

That’s it for this guide. We recommend you browse our rich Hogwarts Legacy article database for more guides if you need a hand with some other quests in the future, or you need any tips. See you soon at Prima Games!

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