How to Rename Your Cult in Cult of the Lamb

We are no longer called "Baa". Now we refer to ourselves as "BaaAAaa"!

Cult of the Lamb is the latest trending indie game. And there are many reasons why this game is a great success: its concept, somewhat unique idea behind the game, and finally, cuteness mixed with occult stuff. What’s there not to like within all of that weirdness mixed together? Of course, you are to become a Cult Leader, but the question is when and how you can rename your cult in Cult of the Lamb. It is fairly easy, but there are some conditions that must be fulfilled. Here’s what you need to know.

When Can You Rename Your Cult in Cult of the Lamb?

There are two known methods to change your cult name in the Cult of the Lamb. One is a pretty natural one and just happens automatically, scripted during the storyline, and the other one is more of a “1337 h4x0r”-y type of activity.

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Method #1

Please be advised that this is a one-time name change so think of a good name because it will haunt you forever (unless you dive into the matrix code and hack the in-game files later).

As you progress through the game, you will eventually defeat a foe named Valefar. After this is done and the dungeon is completed, walk back to your cult. At some point, a follower of yours will approach you. This is the point of no return where you will have to decide on your permanent™ cult name. If you have already gone past this stage of the storyline, crack your fingers, we’re goin’ hackin’. Unless, of course, you do not want to start the entire game from scratch.

Method #2

The gaming community delivered as always and has come up with a great tool/mod for this, namely Pentalex’s GitHub page – which contains a Cult of the Lamb Save File Decryptor. On the page, it will guide you to the location of your save file, which will then be decrypted and given to you through the download option. If you do not have Notepad++ by now, download it from their site. It’s a free tool that has many great uses. With it, you can edit the save file more precisely as Notepad++ sorts the code better than the stock Windows Notepad program.

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When you are done modding the unencrypted save file and changing the Cult Name (you can find it under the string “CultName” which you can find with Ctrl + F). Copy it back from the download folder to the original folder and overwrite the old save file that had the old cult name. However, as is the case with any modification of this type, make sure to back up the original file(s) that you are replacing elsewhere so that you can return the game to the old state if anything goes south. You are doing file modifications at your own risk, so it’s always wise to implement “Plan B” wherever you can when it comes to these matters.

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