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Cult of The Lamb: How To Get Holy Talismans and Unlock Fleeces

Unlock all of the fleeces for newfound powers.

by Jesse Vitelli

Cult of The Lamb is chock full of collectibles and new ways to increase your power throughout the game. As you grow your cult, you’ll gain access to new abilities, weapons, and more. One item you’ll need to further your power is Holy Talismans. Here is how to get Holy Talismans in Cult of The Lamb.

How to Get Holy Talismans in Cult of the Lamb

So if you want to purchase new Fleeces, which give your character abilities like increased health, you’ll need to obtain Holy Talismans. These can be gathered by completing sidequests for characters around the map.

Every time you complete a quest for an NPC worldwide, they will give you a fragment of a Holy Talisman. You’ll need four pieces to build a complete talisman. Many of the locations of these NPCs will be blocked by story progression. So continue to push through the primary campaign. As you unlock areas like the Spore Grotto and Midas’s cave, you’ll have access to obtaining more Holy Talismans.

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Talk to the leader of Spore Grotto and give them mushrooms. Each time you provide them with a set of mushrooms, you’ll get a fragment in return. Continue to do this four times, and you’ll earn an entire Holy Talisman. At Midas Cave, you’ll need to sacrifice four followers to obtain an entire talisman.

The shore will have you fish for your fragments. Continue exploring the side quests to get all of your Holy Talismans.

How to Unlock Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb

They can be turned in at your temple under the Crown tab. One Holy Talisman will give you access to a new fleece, so you’ll need all the talismans to obtain all the different fleeces in the game.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Holy Talismans and unlock new fleeces.

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