How to Redeem Codes in Dislyte

Find out how to redeem codes in Dislyte with ease

If you’re a new player in the world of Dislyte, there are a few things you may be wondering about. First off, why are all of these Gods hanging out with one another? Secondly, how in the name of all things Holy do you redeem codes that you’ve received? Getting ahead in the world of Gatcha games can be difficult, especially if you’re not trying to spend any cash while doing it, so having some excellent codes is rather important. So, let’s find out where the redemption button is hiding and what you need to do to start getting some free rewards.

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Where Is the Gift Code Button In Dislyte?

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If you’re hoping to redeem some free codes, like the one from the recent Markiplier Crossover event, you’ll need to know where the missing Gift Code button is. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hidden away. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on where to find it and how to get to it easier than ever before.

The first thing you’ll want to do is click on your Character Avatar in the top-left corner of your screen. After you have done this, you’ll see a new screen pop up, showing your current Espers in the Squad Space. You’ll want to tap on Settings and go to the next page.

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How to Redeem Dislyte Codes

Under the settings screen, you’ll want to look to the top bar, which is featured in our second image, and click on Services. While this doesn’t seem like the most likely place for a code redeem button to show up, it’s exactly where it is. On the final page, you’ll see Gift Codes near the bottom-right corner of your screen, just above the Settings button. Tap on this, and enter any codes that you may have.

You’ll need Golden Records to roll for new characters, and the Dislyte Twitter Page gives codes out rather often, so make sure to check them out and start getting some new Gods for your Squads. Check out our Dislyte page to keep up to date with the things this game has to offer and see when the next crossover may come to life.

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