Can You Get Markiplier in Dislyte?

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If you’ve been a fan of Dislyte for a while, it’s hard to contain your excitement when a new Esper is added to the game. Taking command of these literal Gods can feel empowering, but sometimes, something even more shocking can make its way into your favorite game. While not a God in the mythical sense, Markiplier could be seen as a God of Content Creation, and that’s why he’s now available in this gatcha RPG. But, can you actually unlock and use this sultry-voiced man in your favorite game, or is he just there to be a decoration on your screen?

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Can You Unlock and Play As Markiplier In Dislyte?

Voiced by the man himself, players can encounter Markiplier by swiping on the main screen, where they will see his character vibing out with a small alien creature. However, this is about all that he’s going to do, besides a few little snippets of dialog here and there, because he is not a playable character in this game.

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While this may be a bit unfortunate for those hoping to add him to the team, there is some good news about his arrival. You’ll be able to receive a code that gives you a fair number of excellent items, including:

  • x2 Gold Records
  • x100 Nexus Crystals
  • x10,000 Gold
  • x5 Basic Experimon
  • x1 Stamina Supply Pack

Will he be available to roll in the future? It feels like an awfully big promotion for him just to be an NPC tending bar, but who knows what could be in store for this YouTuber in the future. Maybe he’ll find himself fighting side by side with the likes of Athena and Cupid very soon.

If you’re struggling to redeem codes, we’ve got you covered. It’s a bit of a tricky process in the long run, but you know what isn’t difficult? Clicking on our Dislyte page below to get more information about this addictive mobile game.

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