Best Games Similar to Genshin Impact Listed

For obvious reasons, I will not be using their sister games~

If you find yourself suffering from Genshin Impact Burnout or are looking for something to tide you over until Fontaine releases, look no further than this list. We have compiled the best games that carry similar vibes to Genshin. Whether you are looking for open-world exploration, unique combat skills, or innovating storytelling, you need to try out some of these games here!

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Note: The following list is not rated nor tiered based but is a recommendation of wonderful games you can try after or alongside Genshin Impact.

Best Games Similar to Genshin Impact Listed

Wuthering Waves

Kuro Game’s newest installment is sure to be Genshin Impact’s biggest competition in the coming year. With a beta release alongside Hoyoverse’s newest game, Wuthering Waves which is going to be introducing a combination of open-world exploration focusing on innovative combat skills that are both flexible and unique. In their previous works, such as Punishing: Gray Raven, Kuro’s Games ability to create combat that is both fun and exciting cannot be understated. Although the game is limited to mobile, I have not been able to take it off my roster out of good consciousness. With a unique and thrilling sci-fi spin that is very reminiscent of Nier Automata, you are sure to never be bored with this beautiful game and its wonderful cast of characters. 

Tower of Fantasy

If you have followed Genshin Impact, you would have likely come across Tower of Fantasy, released only last year in 2022 but having met Genshin’s numbers just as quickly when it launched. Although it is an MMORPG, it has many of the highlights that are praised in Genshin Impact. It has an open world full of puzzles that you can conquer to get free Gacha Pulls in the weapon banner, and speaking of the banner, you get Characters in the form of Weapons you can use with your customized character. Thanks to this, Tower of Fantasy has utilized an arsenal of unique weapons and fighting styles that come with the character that you pull for. In their latest update, there exists a character who uses an Umbrella with fire elements to attack. Very RWBY inspired!

Blue Protocol

Here is something to keep an eye on if you just love classic MMO games such as Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft. Blue Protocol applies the trusted formula that has been long popular, complete with an anime graphical style. With your own customizations, you can build a character that is completely unique to you in whatever class you would like to specialize in. Fight with friends against over-world enemies, in major raids, or to complete domains. While it has not been brought over to a global server or English server, it does appear to be doing fairly well and proves to be a new unique experience soon to come to us in the coming year.


In the midst of Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, Dislyte was released on Mobile, and surprised everyone who came across it! Although the gameplay is nothing like what Genshin Impact is, what is pretty daring about it is that it challenges the preconceptions of the types of characters that should be seen in video games today. Not only does the cast feature many characters of different skin colors and ethnicities, but different body shapes that are completely unique and beautiful! However, if this game was to be compared to Genshin Impact, it is really more like an anime Temple Run with some pretty beautiful animations of the character’s ultimates. 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Without Breath of the Wild, I doubt that Genshin Impact would have had room to run in today’s climate of games. Not only did it pave way for a need for open-world exploration, but the beautiful scenery and environments became one of the shining attractions of the most recent Legend of Zelda installment. Along with an enriching story that is to be expected of the franchise, Breath of the Wild took everyone by storm and is a must play if you enjoyed Genshin Impact! Not only does it have enjoyable combat mechanics, but it introduces game-breaking puzzle mechanics that will allow you to alter time and stall objects. You get to explore both territories that are known to the Legend of Zelda world and new terrain too.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild will be coming out this summer, Tears of the Kingdom so while you are waiting for the bulk of Golden Apple Archipelago to come out, you can spend your days and nights exploring Tears of the Kingdom with us!

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Aether Gazer

Not the only game developer to be expanding their expertise, Yostars originally saw great success with their mobile game called Arknights. Very similar to Punishing: Gray Raven, it is praised for its sci-fi narrative and collection of unique characters that have weapon specialties. Arknights is different in its gameplay, however, with a top-down tactical RPG/tower defense where it is your job to get rid of your enemies before they finish the level. In it, you can use a combination of ranged characters and debuffs or supports to be victorious. Aether Gazer will be their attempt at an open-world game that allows for characters to explore and hold true to their sci-if roots with a whole new cast of characters. Perhaps we can hope to see some debuts from their other games too!

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Make way for an anime version of Final Fantasy XIV, Phantasy Star Online is your typical MMORPG with some very beautiful worlds and an animated art style regarding character creation and customization. This game, however, is free to play so you can enjoy some of the benefits of a mix of Genshin Impact and FFXIV. You will not be bored with these types of games as there are always plenty of tasks to do! 

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni has come out with many beautiful games that are both rich in story and environment. While the console games Wrath of the White Witch and Revenant Kingdoms are the most popular – they have also come out with an MMORPG. I do not know about you, but I am used to seeing MMOs with detailed characters a la Final Fantasy XIV, Tower of Fantasy, or Phantasy Star Online. However, Ni No Kuni has a soft style that resembles Studio Ghibli, so while the world takes some getting used to, there is beauty in these new games! Like Tower of Fantasy, you can expect to do a lot of world exploration and character building with your own personal customizations while also enjoying a good story that is a telltale sign of a Ni No Kuni game!

Persona 5

Persona games are no joke, Persona 5 with Joker really turned the franchise on its head with its vast rise to fame and popularity that put it back on the mind of gamers everywhere. In another standard RPG turn-based game, you follow the protagonist as he realizes his potential abilities and begins to take the city by storm. With a wide cast to choose from, you can mix and match your teams to experiment with not only different battle combinations but a mix of dialogue and story. This game deals with more mature topics that you would not see in Genshin Impact, but given Hoyoverse’s track record, you would be missing out on this amazing game that does share many similarities in its own way but is a unique experience all its own.  

Scarlet Nexus

Similar to Punishing: Gray Raven, Arknights, and Nier Automata in terms of playability and style, Scarlet Nexus is a sci-fi game that also utilizes the puzzle mechanics you see in Breath of the Wild. Use of kinetic abilities to manipulate the world around you as well as engaging combat mechanics that are sure to impress. While we are waiting for Tears of the Kingdom and Fontaine in Genshin Impact, here is a new game to play for the summer to fill your sci-fi anime needs!

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Trials of Mana

Although this game is meant to be somewhat of a traditional RPG, I feel that Trials of Mana is quite similar in style to Genshin Impact! In terms of art style and feel when it comes to the story, Trials of Mana allows you to play the role of two characters at the beginning of the game. In total there are four characters, with each having their own variation of the storyline which you will see no matter which character you choose. Just depending on who you choose, you will see more or less of the character’s individual stories! 

It is a pretty sandbox to explore and has all of the elements of a traditional RPG brought to a modern audience. Refreshing in its sense of direction and characters’ personalities, you will find yourself absolutely loving the little cast and how they carry the game despite having only a fraction of the characters that Genshin has.

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