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What is Wuthering Waves? – Answered

The Biggest Competition to Genshin Impact

by Jordan Lemons

Kuro Games announced two years ago that they would be developing an open-world exploration game called Wuthering Waves. Focused on implementing its superior combat style to the game, it has seen great strides from when developers first began their tests to what its beta is now revealing today. The North American Beta test will be beginning soon, but for now, let’s look over what the game has to offer from what Kuro Games has shared with us.

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What is Wuthering Waves?

Originally known for their game, Punishing: Gray Raven, Kuro Games is diving into the open-world exploration genre! Obviously, it’s seen its rise in popularity ever since Breath of the Wild took gamers everywhere by storm. Genshin Impact only rose to gain from that success and now there are competitors everywhere coming out with their own versions to continue riding the excitement until the lead-up to Tears of the Kingdom. But what’s so significant about Wuthering Waves? And why is it somehow more exciting than any other of Genshin Impact’s competitors by far?

Kuro Games is notoriously good at combat systems: as to what makes them work visually, aesthetically, and technically. They have taken great strides in making sure that their combat system will not cause motion sickness and have a compelling yet flexible system where you can use parries, counters, and additional systems such as the Echo System to enhance your regular gameplay and come up with a variety of combinations to pull off some stunning maneuvers. If Kuro Games has brought even just an inkling of what is in Punishing: Gray Raven into Wuthering Waves, we are in for a world of excitement.

Screenshot from Kuro Games Youtube Wuthering Waves Gameplay Trailer

Punishing: Gray Raven is a beautiful mobile game that came out globally in 2021. With a beautiful art style and some really stellar combat mechanics, this game had me in its clutches almost immediately by diving right into the thick of a compelling story that often left me guessing for what direction it was going in. If you haven’t played it yet, then be sure to give it a try! It’ll be a long wait until the Wuthering Waves official release after all. However, Punishing: Gray Raven is only available on Mobile and doesn’t have an open-world exploration feature. Much like Honkai Impact 3rd, it does have many missions and side stories alongside its main storyline, including stories behind many of the characters in the game. Personally, I love games that allow for exploration, so to look forward to Kuro Game’s combat system being immersed into that, this game is going to be my next obsession the moment it comes out.

There’s actually not a lot that we know about the story that Wuthering Waves is going to be covering, but if it’s anything like the writing in Punishing: Gray Raven, then you shouldn’t leave any room for worry. There honestly isn’t a lot that I’m concerned about when it comes to Wuthering Waves release. A lot of the setting in Wuthering Waves looks to be Eastern-inspired with a more futuristic spin, a telltale of their sci-fi roots. In their previous games, they have come out with some compelling characters and when it comes to their story-telling, Kuro Games themselves have admitted that they are taking their time to make sure that the details and inspiration behind their story fit with the current setting they are building up.

Screenshot from Kuro Games Wuthering Waves · Dev Talk · Prelude EP. 1 – The Intro

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If you live in North America, then you may want to look forward to their next Beta test which will begin on April 24, 2023. You can register for participating at the Wuthering Waves sites and keep up to date with any of their progress on the game by checking out their YouTube Channel and Twitter.

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