How to Read the Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

Become fluent in Standard Galactic!

How to Read the Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

You know those mysterious signs flying around the Enchanting Table in Minecraft? It is actually a real code language – the so-called Standard Galactic Alphabet – which can actually be deciphered. It actually comes from an old PC platformer series – Commander Keen! Are Commander Keen and Minecraft in the same universe? Oh my… Anyway, in this guide, we will explain how to decode this language, and even use it to code your messages.

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How to Decipher the Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

The first thing you need to know is that deciphering enchantments in Minecraft will not reveal any mysteries and lore secrets; the words are simply thrown around and they don’t make much sense. But you can decode them character by character using the Standard Galactic Alphabet table below, for fun.

Alternatively, there is an easier way to do this. There is an unofficial fan-made translation tool that you can find here.

In this web tool, similar to Google Translate, you can translate the Standard Galactic Alphabet to English and back, making it very useful to send and decrypt messages with your Minecraft friends.

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However, by translating things from the enchantment book in Minecraft, you won’t learn anything special except that among the unrelated words without meaning, there is an expression or two from Cthulhu lore of H.P Lovecraft. This, of course, fits perfectly with the vibe of the game and the “specific” mind of the original authors. Certainly, these translated words have no influence on enchanting, but they can be funny or even a little unsettling, but that’s the charm of old-school Minecraft.

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