How to Rank Up Grand Company Quickly in FFXIV

Rank up your Grand Company hella fast.

Grand Companies in FFXIV are something you’re introduced to very early on when everything is still overwhelming. You don’t need to pay them much attention at first, but later on, they can be valuable resources for gaining materials and even housing. You’ll need to rank them up, though, which can be tricky. Here’s how to rank up your Grand Company quickly in FFXIV.

How to Rank Up Grand Company Quickly in FFXIV

In order to rank up your Grand Company, you will need a few different things. First, you’ll need Grand Company Seals, which can be obtained from either doing your Daily Dungeon Roulettes or completing FATES (Outer La Noscea always has a FATE up), which are FFXIV’s version of public events. These can be found across the game’s various zones and are marked by big purple circles across the map.

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Once you hit Sergeant Second Class, which requires 6,000 Seals, you’ll unlock Expert Deliveries, the fastest way to rank up your Grand Company. This requires bringing materials and other junk you don’t want anymore to turn into Seals. You can buy whatever item it asks for on the Market Board or craft it if you have the means. It’s seriously a way to rank yourself up quickly.

However, you’ll also need to be doing your Grand Company Hunting Log, which will bar you from serious level-ups if you haven’t completed the pages there. Hit the H key to open up the hunting log, click on your Grand Company, and complete the list by defeating the set number of creatures on each page. There isn’t a super fast way to do this, but it needs to be done to progress. So knock this out as quickly as possible.

Continue to trade in items for Seals, and you’ll be ranking up in no time. Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to rank up your Grand Company quickly in FFXIV. Be sure to check out our other FFXIV guides, like how to obtain the Nier pod mount.

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