How to Prepare for World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

Say the line, Illidan!

You’ve conquered Lilith (unfortunately – she was probably right, after all), you’ve been doing Helltides and you have a suite of Legendary Aspects and Sacred gear to choose from. Maybe you’ve already beaten the level 70 Capstone Dungeon? If so – congratulations, but things aren’t getting any easier from here. So just how do you ensure that you survive and thrive in World Tier 4?

To-do List for World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

There are a few things we’ll want to lock down before we jump in to World Tier 4:

Finish Your Altar and Renown Grind: I know, it sucks. But all those stat increases and Paragon Points are absolutely indispensable when everything counts.

Stockpile Your Key Aspects: Make sure you have a few Aspects laying around that are necessary for your build to function. You’ll be upgrading to Ancestral gear, so say goodbye to your current loadout.

Upgrade Your Gear (and Potions): If you haven’t – try hitting your gear with a few upgrade levels. It’s a cheap, easy way to boost you power level before you jump into the Capstone Dungeon. And, obviously, if your potion icon has an arrow next to it visit the Alchemist for an essential upgrade.

Upgrade Your Glyphs: Glyphs are very important to player power in endgame, so make sure you run a few Nightmare Dungeons for experience points to level them up. When they reach level 15, their radius of effect increases, meaning it’s easier to both buff adjacent nodes and activate their secondary bonuses.

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Survival Tips for World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

You might be a little squishy, to start. That’s okay – until now, things haven’t been hitting quite so hard. But now it’s time to lock down some defenses.

Focus on Damage Reduction: Flat damage reduction is the best way to ensure survivability. As you may have heard, elemental resistances (such as Poison, Cold, etc) are bordering on useless. So focus on flat “Damage Reduction” instead. “Damage Reduction Against Close” is also a very good pick.

Get Key Defensive Aspects: A good Legendary Aspect that compliments this defensive approach is the Aspect of Might, which grants a flat damage reduction of 20% for a period after using a Basic attack. Another great pick is Aspect of Disobedience, which grants a stacking increase to Armor. Aspect of Disobedience was, for me, the real game-changer here.

Socket Gems for Health and Armor: Gems are quite an important boost to your overall Health and Armor. Rubies socketed in Armor give a Health boost, while Skulls in Jewelry give Armor. If needed, visit the Gemcrafter to add sockets to your gear.

If you’re not sure how to unlock it, check out our guide on how to unlock World Tier 4 in Diablo 4.

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