How to Prepare for Necromancy in RuneScape

Prepare yourself as Death is coming.

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It’s finally time! Now that we know the date that Necromancy will grace our list as not only the 29th skill but the first new combat skill, we can start thinking about what to do to best prepare for the launch. RuneScape players are fantastic planners, evident by their ability to stock everything they need for Double XP weekends months in advance. So, it’s only natural that one would want to prepare for Necromancy too. Keep reading to find out just what to do to get yourself ready when Necromancy launches in RuneScape.

How to Get Ready for Necromancy in RuneScape

Luckily for us, and because Jagex has been kind to its player base as of late, they have provided us with a helpful list as to what to do to best prepare yourself prior to the launch of Necromancy. Jagex made a point of stating that there is nothing required to begin Necromancy. Both new and veteran players will be able to jump in on release. However, there are things that you can do to make the experience smoother. Here is the list provided by Jagex:

Skill Levels for Necromancy

  • 15+ Smithing for forging Necromancy Weapon upgrades
    • Necromancy weapon upgrades are earned by leveling Necromancy and completing various requirements
    • Once unlocked, each Tier upgrade will require a Smithing level 5 levels lower than the Tier (ie. Tier 90 would require 85 Smithing)
  • 15+ Crafting for Necromancy Armour upgrades
    • Necromancy armor upgrades are earned by leveling Necromancy and completing various requirements
    • Once unlocked, each Tier upgrade will require a Crafting level 5 levels lower than the Tier (ie. Tier 90 would require 85 Crafting)
  • Runecrafting for new Runes, used in Incantations
    • Incantations are not required to experience Necromancy Combat, which is primarily ability based, but massively benefits your experience
    • You can craft Spirit Runes at Level 1, Bone Runes at Level 20, Flesh Runes at Level 40, and Miasma Runes at Level 60
    • Runes can also be acquired from other players
  • 10+ Prayer for Necromancy Prayers
    • Prayers are a useful tool in upping your Necromancy potency or survivability
    • Base Necromancy prayers require level 10, with their strongest variants available at 46 Prayer.
    • To access the best prayers and curses in the skill, you’ll need to be at 99 Prayer
  • 11+ Herblore for Necromancy Potions
    • Necromancy has a variety of unique stat-boosting potions as well as effects from some existing potions
    • The core boosting potions are Necromancy Potion (11), Super Necromancy Potion (79) and Extreme Necromancy Potion (93)
    • Overloads and Elder Overload Salve are very useful, especially for high level content – unlocking at 96 and 107 respectively. Overloads made now will have Necromancy benefits on release

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Recommended Quests for Necromancy

  • Temple at Senntisten for Curses
  • While Guthix Sleeps
  • Kings Ransom
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • The Jack of Spades
  • Vengeance (Fremennik Saga)
  • Nadir (Fremennik Saga)
  • The Blood Pact

Useful Items to Buy Prior to the Release of Necromancy

  • Pure Essence
  • Overload Potions (premade Overloads will update to include Necromancy boosts – ones made after the update will require Extreme Necromancy Potions to make)
  • Bones
  • Big Bones
  • Baby Dragon Bones
  • Wyvern Bones
  • Dragon Bones
  • Dagannoth bones
  • Airut bones
  • Ourg Bones (update- includes from Graardor & Ogre Coffins)
  • Hardened Dragon Bones
  • Dragonkin Bones
  • Dinosaur Bones
  • Frost Dragon Bones
  • Reinforced Dragon Bones
  • Subjugation Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
  • Spectral Spirit Shield
  • Draconic Visage
  • Spider Silk Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
  • Mystic Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
    • (Only the Blue Variant is currently used.)
  • Algarum Thread
  • Wool from Player-owned Sheep
  • Metal Bars (From Bronze up to Bane)
  • Igneous Stone (New)
  • Praesul Codex

That’s it! I definitely am thankful to Jagex for releasing this list, as I can make sure that I am ready to go prior to launch. Plus, hopefully, I can stock up on some of the above items before they inflate due to demand. It can be daunting making sure that everything is done in time, and luckily, we get a second chance with the Golden Cape Hunt.

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