RuneScape’s Latest Skill Necromancy Release Date Revealed

Death comes for RuneScape in the near future.

We did it, fellow RuneScape players! We made it to the release date announcement day. Isn’t it funny that announcements for announcements are so common now? Either way, I have been eagerly waiting for the new information to drop today, and I have not been disappointed. So, when is the release date for RuneScape’s long-awaited 29th skill, you ask? Keep reading to find out when you can Necromancy is released in RuneScape!

When Will Necromancy Be Released in RuneScape?

Players will be able to rise from the dead very soon as Necromancy goes live on Monday, August 7, 2023. I am surprised that it is so close! I expected it to be towards the end of the year. Jagex announced the release date through a new cinematic trailer that you can watch below.

Look, I was already excited for the release of Necromancy. The first new combat skill since the game began, and it exists outside of the combat triangle? It is an interesting concept, and I am curious to see how it shakes up the current state of the game. The trailer only further cemented my excitement for the new skill. We get to see Death as he narrates the trailer for us and introduces us to Rasial, The First Necromancer. Someone who will surely be a person of importance as we begin our exploration of the underworld.

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This is only the beginning of the information drip that Jagex is going to provide to the RuneScape community. They have stated that each week in July, they will provide the players with more information on the skill and that by release, Necromancy will be the skill that has had the most information provided by Jagex pre-launch.

On top of that, Jagex has assured the community that they plan to be listening closely to players’ feedback on the new skill and work with the community to make any adjustments and quality-of-life improvements to the skill so that it reaches its full potential. I have to give Jagex props for this. Their communication has not always been the best, but lately, they have really improved, especially with the extension of the Golden Cape event and now the ongoing feedback post-launch for Necromancy.

It seems that there have been so many updates lately, and there has been so much to do in RuneScape. Even Woodcutting has had exciting updates. As a player, I have been really impressed with the game as of late, and it seems that Jagex will be continuing their current update quality for the foreseeable future!

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