Get a Second Chance at The Golden Cape Hunt Event in RuneScape This Weekend

Enjoy a second chance at the Golden Cape Hunt event this weekend!

RuneScape Golden Cape Hunt Event

It is always nice to see companies actually listening to their player base, especially when there is an issue with the game. That is exactly what Jagex has done regarding the Golden Cape Hunt event. This past weekend was the final weekend for the event and unfortunately, there was a bug that prevented golden shards from dropping for eight hours. To rectify this, RuneScape is giving players a second chance to complete the Golden Cape Hunt this weekend. Keep reading to find out the details.

Golden Cape Hunt Second Chance

This weekend, from June 30 at 10:15 Game Time until July 2 at 23:59 Game Time the Golden Cape Hunt event will be reactivated so that players who were unable to complete the event will be given a second chance to do so. This will require Jagex to implement a cold fix to reactivate the event, so do not worry if the event doesn’t go live at exactly 10:15. It will be coming!

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With confirmed bad luck mitigation and the event restarting hopefully everyone who has yet to receive the Golden Cape and wants to will be able to receive it this weekend. It is worthwhile alone just for the Golden Consignment buff. Even if you bought your cape from the Grand Exchange, you would still make your money back and more using this buff. Still, why buy the cape when you have a second chance to earn it for yourselves? Great communication Jagex!

It was great to see the fast response and feedback to the event issue from Jagex. Hopefully, they continue to be as responsive and listen to the community regarding other ongoing issues with the game such as a common issue with accessing RuneScape through the Steam client. Either way, I will be making use of the extended event period this weekend and finishing up the last of the golden shards that I was unable to find. See you there!

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