How to Complete the Golden Cape Hunt Event in RuneScape

Stop your grind as it's fashion time.

Two things make the world of RuneScape spin round. These are, firstly, shiny stacks of gold, and secondly, capes that you can show off to other players. So, what better way to show off than to equip yourself with a Golden Cape? From May 30, 2023, to June 26, 2023, Jagex is celebrating the Jagex Accounts open beta, and you, too, will be able to celebrate by participating in the Golden Cape Hunt event in RuneScape.

How to Get the Golden Cape in RuneScape

To get your shiny new Golden Cape you need to complete eight out of 10 possible tasks which reward you with Golden Cape Shards.

These tasks consist of the following:

  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard by earning Combat XP.
  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard for earning Artisan XP.
  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard for earning Gathering XP.
  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard for earning Support XP.
  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard for completing the steps in a Clue Scroll.
  • A chance to obtain 1 Shard for defeating any boss in the game.
  • Obtain 1 Shard by completing the quests New Foundations, Murder on the Border, and Unwelcome Guests.
  • Obtain 1 Shard by purchasing it directly from Nic the Trader at the front of the Grand Exchange for 25 million GP or 10 thousand Protean items.
  • Obtain 1 Shard by having an active Premier Membership
  • Obtain 2 Shards by linking your RuneScape account to your Jagex Account
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Once you have collected all eight shards, make your way to the Wise Old Man, who is currently located at the front of the Varrock Grand Exchange and will be until the completion of the event, and trade them in for the Golden Cape. You will also receive three Keepsake Keys and some very useful buffs. It is definitely worth completing! I, for one, will be making use of the Golden Consignment buff for some faster XP gains!

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There is always something to do in Gielinor, and if you are still in a celebratory mood, how about you take part in the 2023 The Beach event and grab your daily Sandy Clue Scroll whilst you can?

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