How to Fix Error an Unexpected Response 26 in RuneScape

Unexpected drop in XP gains due to Unexpected Response 25 and 26.

RuneScape Logo Error

So, it finally happened to you. You sat down ready to play RuneScape, attempted to boot it up, and were met with an error blazing across your screen. Is there anything more frustrating? Especially when it appears to be due to no fault of your own. It seems that lately there have been more issues with RuneScape – driver issues, log-in issues, and more. If you have been hit with Unexpected Response 26 when attempting to log into RuneScape, keep reading to find out more information.

What is Error an Unexpected Response 26 in RuneScape

In doing my own research as to where this error originated from. It seems to be an error that is exclusive to using Steam to play RuneScape. Other players who are using the RuneScape client, Jagex launcher, or mobile do not have the same error upon attempting to play RuneScape. It also seems that players receive either Unexpected Response 26 or Unexpected Response 25 upon attempted login with the Steam client.

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The Good News

The good news is that this error is not your fault. It is an error that is impacting all players attempting to log in to RuneScape using the Steam client. So, no need to mess with any settings on your PC.

The Bad News

Due to the fact that it is an error on Jagex’s side, there is nothing that you can do other than sit and wait. I have seen a report of the issue being fixed after a singular player rebooted their PC but that seems to be more timing related as opposed to a direct correlation. For the vast majority of players, there is nothing that can be done other than waiting for the issue to be resolved server side.

I know that this is not exactly the news that you want to hear. Especially when there are time-sensitive events active in RuneScape. The only hope that I can give you is that the error never seems to occur for an extended period of time and so you can get back to the game sooner rather than later. After all, those Imcando Hatchet pieces aren’t going to find themselves.

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