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How to Play the Forspoken Demo

Get your first taste right now.

by Matt Vatankhah

Forspoken, the new action role-playing game developed by Luminous Productions, now has a free demo available exclusively on PlayStation 5. The upcoming single-player game stars Frey, a young New Yorker who’s been transported to a distant, magical world, as she traverses the land and fights her way back home. Though you’ll have to wait until January 24, 2023 to experience the full game, you can enjoy a sneak peek right now through the PlayStation store. Here’s how to play the Forspoken demo.

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How to Play the Forspoken Demo

To play the Forspoken demo, simply navigate to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 5 console. Once there, search for Forspoken and select it to enter the game’s page. On the Forspoken page, you’ll be able to select the demo to download, among the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition to pre-order.

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The Forspoken demo is specially crafted to showcase a preview of what to expect in the full game. The demo takes place in Avoalet’s Water Garden and will have you controlling Frey as you traverse the landscape with “magic parkour”. You’ll be able to complete five main objectives while fighting treacherous enemies with a variety of offensive and defensive magic spells.

For players that fall in love with the demo, the Digital Deluxe Edition is available on the same page for $94.99 USD. Quite a pricey way to show your devotion, but includes quite a few goodies. Here’s what you’ll get with the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Forspoken (Game and Pre-order bonuses)
  • Forspoken Mini Soundtrack
  • Forspoken Mini Artbook
  • Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust
  • Prequel Story DLC Early Access
  • Rare Resource Kit

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