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How to Play Unblocked Online

Fall Guys from the flea market.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Play Unblocked Online

When we have something insanely popular like Fall Guys, it’s not unusual for a lot of smaller similar games to be created in a very short period of time that are “inspired” by the design and gameplay of the popular game. LOL Beans is one of these. The gameplay is extremely similar, you compete with other players, navigate around many obstacles, and try to reach the goal first. The levels and the very design of the bean-like characters you control will be very familiar to you.

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The biggest advantage of this game is that you can play it directly from the browser without having to create accounts and install additional software. To find out how to play Unblocked Online, keep reading.

How to Play Unblocked Online?

To play LOLBeans in the browser completely free, visit the official site.

Here, you can assign a name to your character and immediately jump into the game without having to create an account, but if you want, you can also create a profile, which is not a bad option if you want to play with friends online. There is also customization, which requires coins that can be unlocked in the game or purchased through microtransactions.

Same… but different?

If for some reason this main site is blocked for you, you can still access LOL Beans through many other sites that have the game embedded as well. A simple Google search for “” will reveal a plethora of those proxy sites, for example, you can use – or

So there you have it! Have fun, but remember Fall Guys are now free to play as well, so knockoffs like this kinda don’t have a point anymore but to each his own, I guess. If you really don’t want to install anything and just want to have some quick Fall Guys-like break during work, LOLBeans will do it.

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