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Fall Guys: The Idol Games Event Date, Challenges, Rewards

by Nikola Pajtic

Since Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout went free-to-play through Epic Games, the game has experienced a massive resurgence as it now has more than 50 million active players. Developers have reset the seasons, introduced a new Battle Pass, and added a ton of new content. 

The latest Fall Guys event to add new challenges and rewards is The Idol Games. Here’s everything you need to know, including the start and end dates.

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Fall Guys: Idol Games Release Date, Rewards, and Challenges

The Idol Games start on 14 July and will last until 19 July. 

During this limited-time event, players will compete for unique awards, including the magnificent Crown Idol costume. 

The Idol Games event will bring a number of prizes, listed below:

  • Idol Games Athlete Nickname – 200 Tokens
  • 200 Kudos – 300 Tokens
  • Idol Games Athlete Banner – 500 Tokens 
  • Crown Idol Bottom Suit – 800 Tokens.
  • Crown Idol Top Suit – 1000 Tokens.

These challenges must be completed for you to win every reward:

  • Play Any Round in Ring Hexathlon 
  • Reach Third Round in Duos Show
  • Reach Third Round in Squads Show
  • Reach Fourth Round in Solo Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Squads Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Solo Show
  • Win Ring Hexathlon
  • Win Squad Duos Show
  • Win Squads Show
  • Win Solo Show

Completing a challenge will earn you 100 tokens, amounting to a total of 1,000 tokens, enough for the Crown Idol costume. 

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