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How to Pass Green Barriers in Jedi Survivor

Obi-Wan could've use the help.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Green Barrier Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor is a game with a Metroidvania philosophy when it comes to exploring around the galaxy, and that means you are bound to find some green barriers early on. There are plenty of barriers within the game that seem impossible to open, until you have the right abilities.

Green barriers are one of the many obstacles that are impossible to bypass when the game begins, and it can be frustrating to see so many. Once you have the right moves to make them just another doorway, you’ll have plenty of new paths to follow, and we’ll make sure you know how to get there. Here’s how to pass Green Barriers in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – How to Pass Green Barriers

The only way to pass the green barriers in Jedi Survivor is to get the charm from Merrin in the main story. Unlike most of the unlockable Force abilities and Skills in the game, passing these gates has nothing to do with the traditional version of the Force. Instead, you need a bit of Dathomir magic.

As you explore the Pilgirm’s Path on Jedha, which is only accessible as the second main mission on the planet, you’ll encounter some impossible obstacles. To save you and help you progress on your journey, Merrin will give you a charm that she learned. This charm allows you to air dash through green barriers in Jedi Survivor.

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With Merrin’s charm in hand, you can simply use the evade button to pass through the green force fields without any issues. This will even work for the red barriers found on Nova Garon later in the game. Get ready for far more opportunities to find loot, and the charm will even allow you to reset your dash cooldowns, so expect to use the barriers for more than new paths in Jedi Survivor.

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