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What are The Best Skills in Jedi Survivor? – Answered

Don't waste your skill points.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

When Jedi Survivor begins, Cal Kestis has access to most of his abilities from Fallen Order, which means more room for abilities and lightsaber stances that we have never seen before. It also means an entirely new skill tree, and it can be hard to tell what the best skills are for the young Jedi.

With so many skills and a limited number of points at the beginning of the game, it is even more important to pick the ones with the most power or that fit your build. To help you out in your journey, we will cover what the best skills are so the path ahead can be just a little bit clearer.

Jedi Survivor – What are The Best Skills?

Because there are five different lightsaber stances in the game, it can be hard to give you an exact list of the best moves or abilities for Cal. However, we can cover some of the base skills that are incredibly powerful. I am writing this from my own experience with the game, all the way up to the end, and from what I found to be the most useful abilities. Also keep in mind these are all from the skill tree, not just standard abilities unlocked in the main story.

Best Skills in Jedi Survivor:

  • Survival Skills (Resiliance) – All three levels of this skill will increase Cal’s health. You will want these early on so you can start taking on tougher bosses.
  • Greater Confusion (Confusion) – Cal unlocks the Jedi Mind Trick by default, but it is the upgrades that make it really pop. Many encounters have an organic enemy and some droids. Utilize the organic enemies for the victory.
  • Wrenching Pull (Telekenisis) – Use this to pull in crowds of enemies. It is incredibly useful against large groups and is great when paired with the Double-Bladed Lightsaber.
  • Howling Push (Telekenisis) – This upgrade to the push will allow you to throw almost any enemy off a cliff, and there are plenty of cliffs that I found in my playthrough.
  • Attunement (Jedi Concentration) – Like the Survival Skills, you will want all three upgrades for this to increase maximum force.
  • Greater Hold (Jedi Concentration) – Three upgrades exist for this as well and they will increase the duration of the slow ability. By the end of the game, slow is incredibly powerful, and upgrading it has huge advantages.
  • Greater Cleaving Swing (Crossguard) – This increases the speed of the cleave swing. The next upgrade will also make the attack go farther. With so much power and speed, this skill should not be skipped.
  • Energizing Flurry (Blaster) – The Blaster Stance is all about keeping the weapon charged. Having the flurry and the prerequisit skills will make the weapon far deadlier.
  • Focused Parry (Dual Wield) – Not only is dual wield aggressive, but it also has some incredible parry mechanics. This upgrade gives the parry some guaranted damage.
  • Vortex Dive (Double-Bladed) – I cannot tell you how much I used this skill. It allows you to propel forward like Darth Maul in Battlefront 2 with some spinning attacks. It is fantastic for crowd control, breaking shields, and closing a gap.
  • Aerial Assault (Single) – By far the best skill for the single-blade saber, the aerial assaul has tons of damage and is an amazing counter attack abiltity. I used this constantly to counter charges, break guards, or just dish out damage from a safe distance.

For this best skills guide in Jedi Survivor, I outlined what the best ones are in each category so you can focus on them. I found them to be the most useful, but there are plenty of other options you can focus on as well. Each skill will add some kind of utility to your build.

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Also remember that you can respec at any time. So, if you do not like your current use of Skill Points, then simply respec when mediating and try something else on Cal.

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