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Jedi Survivor: Full Lightsaber Customization Guide

Style Wars.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lightsaber Customization Jedi Survivor

Lightsaber customization was a feature that was introduced with the release of Fallen Order, and the system is much more extensive in Jedi Survivor. Many of the features are similar, but the extent of the customization is much deeper and can be expanded throughout the game.

This time around, we can utilize far more colors, more detailed materials that change the texture of the lightsaber, and we even have a blaster to customize as well. In our Jedi Survivor guide, we’ll outline all the basics of the customization systems so you can get started on your own version of Cal Kestis.

How to Customize Lightsabers in Jedi Survivor

To get started on customizing your own lightsaber, you need to find a workbench anywhere in Jedi Survivor. They can be found in the open world, in special hubs like the Saloon, or even on the Mantis ship. They all work the same and BD-1 will usually point out when you’re close to one. Simply approach and interact to get started.

Once you’re at the Workbench, you can customize your Blaster, the Lightsaber, BD-1, or the stances that you’re using on Cal. In this case, we just want to focus on the lightsaber portion of the Workbench. Below you can find a full list of the lightsaber parts that can be customized.

Lightsaber Customization Options in Jedi Survivor:

  • Blade Color – Nine colors
  • Component – Emitter
  • Component – Vents
  • Component -Switch
  • Component – Grip
  • Component – Smaller Grip
  • Component – Switch 2
  • Component – Bottom Emitter
  • Component – Lower Pommel
  • Material – Primary
  • Material – Secondary
  • Material – Accent
  • Material – Grip
  • Material – Condition

All of these options on Cal’s lightsaber can change depending on the weapon he is using. When I’m using my own version of the single-blade in combat, only the first half of the components are present without the Vents. Then if I switch to my double-bladed variant, I can see almost all of the customization options of the saber. However, I can only see the Vents when using a crossguard lightsaber.

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To unlock more customization options in Jedi Survivor, you basically just need to explore. Whether you’re opening chests or collecting Priorite, you’ll be making more progress toward new cosmetic gear for Cal.

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