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Where to Find the Wanderer Outfit Colors in Jedi Survivor

Don't get Forced to use default colors.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Wanderer Outfit Colors Jedi Survivor

There are a handful of outfits that look fantastic in Jedi Survivor, but the default colors are holding Cal Kestis back from looking like the best warrior possible. The Wanderer Outfit is one of those styles that just needs some extra material options, and luckily, they are available in the game.

Like so many other outfits though, the Wanderer Outfit colors needed to be collected for each individual piece in Jedi Survivor, which can be hard to pull off. I had to head back to Jedha in search of the materials so Cal could look his best and you could have more color choices.

Jedi Survivor – Where to Find the Wanderer Outfit Colors

Three pieces of this set exist in the game, and keep in mind that this guide is covering the colors alone. They can still be collected, but they will not help you much without having the base set. Only one of the three set pieces is located on Jedha, which can make the set a pain. However, all three Wanderer Outfit materials are located on Jedha, making the process that much easier.

Wanderer Jacket Colors Location

The easiest of the bunch is the jacket because it’s in a distinct location. When you first encounter Merrin in the Jedi Survivor story, you will find yourself in the Penitent Chambers. Simply follow the path upward from where the droids attacked until you reach the highest point. Open the chest and the colors are yours.

Wanderer Shirt Colors Location

You can find the materials for the shirt piece when you reach the Path of Restoration on Jedha. In this area, there is the right side that leads to a high-up temple. Then there is a left side that contains many of the puzzle orbs and a cable to climb. The chest for the Wanderer Outfit Colors on the shirt will be found here.

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Wanderer Pants Colors Location

We have arrived at the last material location for his outfit in Jedi Survivor. Spawn at the Monastery Walls near the beginning of the Jedha map, where the Skriton is lurking underneath the sand. Move to the left side where you can find a small room with a Sutaban. The goal is to reach the top of this room, so the air dash is required. When you have it, climb to the top where the Force Tear is, and then jump to the other side. Your final chest for the Wanderer Outfit Colors is waiting.

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