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How to Open the Family Garage Safe in Dead Island 2

At least she died wearing a nice dress

by Daphne Fama

If you’re exploring the Hills of LA, you’ve likely encountered this safe, which is one of the easiest to access. But where in the world is the key? Here’s how to open the Family Garage Safe in Dead Island 2.

How to Open the Family Garage Safe in Dead Island 2

The Family Garage Safe is one of the easiest safes to access in the Hills. It’s not a long walk from our safe house at Rikky and Roxy’s, and it just happens to be sitting out in the open in the garage of the house with the blue roof. But if you’re like me, you then entered the zombie infested house and couldn’t find the key anywhere.

That’s because the key isn’t in the house.

It’s on the Nosy Neighbor, a Screamer Apex Zombie in a red dress who enjoys wandering the streets. Fortunately, she has a specific road she really enjoys lurking on. And that road is the road just North of Michael’s, that runs east towards the dead end. There’s no guarantee that she’ll spawn, so fast travel back in if you don’t find her. She seems to spawn most often during the day, but that might be conjecture.

I found her right outside of Farouk and Dave’s house (who are part of the quest Resurrect the Rex).

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Once you’ve found her, remember that Screamer’s screams can be interrupted by chucking things at them. Curve balls and weapons are all good ways to shut her up. And while she is an Apex zombie, I found that she wasn’t significantly harder than any other of the zombies wandering out, just with a slightly bigger health pool.

Bring her key back to the blue roof’ed house and you’ll be able to claim your rare weapon.

If you haven’t cracked open Michael’s safe yet (which is right next door) check out how to get the key here: Where is the Key to Michael’s Safe in Dead Island 2 – Answered.

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