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Where is the Key to Michael’s Safe in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Why in the world is Michael packing knives and not money

by Daphne Fama

While hunting down Michael, it is only natural that you would rummage around his house and see what is available, right? Well, what is available is a big juicy safe, right in his living room, just waiting to be pulled open. So, where is the key to Michael’s Safe in Dead Island 2?

Where is the Key to Michael’s Safe in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Sure, sure. We are on the tail of our good friend Michael, and his safety takes priority over everything else. But the better equipped we are, the more capable we are of beating the zombie hoards that stand between us and him. Right? So, it makes sense that we would prioritize cracking open the safe of the Hollywood Mentor of the Year.

Fortunately, unlike many other safes scattered around LA, we will not have to wait long. Follow Michael’s trail to Ricky and Roxy’s house. There, these two drunken (and terrible) parents will ask you to find their daughter, Jessie.

But before you do, head back to Michael’s house. If you are lucky, you will find Michael’s Protégé nearby. It is possible to find him in the driveway of Michael’s house or in the poolside area to the right of the house, just past the wooden gate.

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Just look for a pale guy in a Crew hoody with a black hat. He will naturally be tougher than most other zombies you meet, but he is not that much of a challenge. Knock his block off, then return to Michael’s house and unlock the safe in Michael’s living room.

The reward you get from this chest is set: a rare Defiant Hunting Knife that scales to your level.

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