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Dead Island 2: How to Complete Resurrect the Rex

The zombie apocalypse is the perfect time to restart your music career

by Daphne Fama

Welp, Rikky Rex is feeling his age. But do not worry, he is hellbent on staging a return. To do that, he is going to need inspiration. It is up to us to brave the undead LA streets to do just that. Here is how to complete Resurrect the Rex in Dead Island 2.

How to Complete Resurrect the Rex

Rikky’s determined to get back some of the deep cuts and Gods and Whiskey hits, and he knows who has them. His producer and neighbor, Farouk. So, let us do him a favor and grab those for him, because he is guaranteed to die the moment he steps outside of the house.

  • Find a way into Farouk’s (if you see Dave, tell him Rikky sent you)

Fortunately, Farouk is literally next door. Head north and you will be at his gate, but actually, follow the white wall towards his pool. There, you will find a white van that conveniently has a board you can use to get into Farouk’s house.

Jump down, and you will see there are a few zombies already inside. Including Farouk’s husband, Dave. Hi, Dave! He is a shocker zombie who really wants to kill you, so I suggest killing him. That is how you say hi in Hell-A.

Once you kill Dave, he will drop the keys to the Farouk house… which is not really necessary, because the glass doors are open on the other side. But, uh, convenient, I guess? There is also a note on the sun chair that relates to another quest (The Clean and Snatch). Grab both.

  • Search Farouk the producer’s house for God and Whiskey master tapes

So, let us grab those tapes.

Tape 1 is in the living room on the floor. You will likely encounter Farouk, who, yeah, wants to take a bite out of you.

Tape 2 is on the second floor, on the other side of the electric trap. The electricity will briefly abate, allowing you to sprint across and grab the tape before retreating. I wish I could say it was possible to jump down to the tape from the stairs, but it does not seem like that is the case.

Tape 3 is on the very top floor, where you will encounter a ton of zombies. Fortunately, this hoard is easy to kill, and there is a ton of flammable and explosive material around that will set them all on fire. Use accordingly and at a distance.

Once the hoards are dead, walk out onto the balcony and you will find the third tape in the right corner.

  • Return the original Gods and Whiskey master tapes to Rikky

Now that we have the tapes, time to leave through the front door and hoof it back to Rikky. Note that there will probably be a Crusher immediately upon trying to leave Farouk’s house, and likely another on the way back. Plus a Screamer.

If you are lucky, you might encounter the Nosy Neighbor! She will drop a key. If you are not sure where the chest for it is, check out our guide below.

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Once you get to Rikky, he will be sitting right where you left him. He will take the loss of his producer pretty well. But more importantly, you will get: 2,000 XP and an Electrocutor Pole Saw, with an Uncommon Melee Electrocutor Mod already strapped onto it. Nice!

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