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How to Open Slytherin’s Scriptorium in Hogwarts Legacy

Slip past the serpents into the Scriptorium.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Slytherin's Door Hogwarts Legacy

After Sebastian and Ominis have their disagreement, you’ll eventually get an Owl from Sebastian that starts the “In the Shadow of the Study” quest. To kick things off in this Hogwarts Legacy quest, Wizards and Witches will need to open the door to Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium.

When the quest starts, you must make your way to the Slytherin Common Room where Sebastian will be waiting for you. He wants you to help convince Ominis that you should all search the Scriptorium. Once you successfully convince Ominis, he’ll lead you both to the main entrance of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open Slytherin’s Scriptorium

As soon as Ominis is on board with the plan, you’ll need to help him open the main door to the Scriptorium, despite his family already knowing many of the secrets. You’ll notice that there are braziers with snakes twisting around the base scattered around the area. Three of them are placed in total, and these are the keys to the Slytherin Scriptorium door.

Casting Revelio makes the process easier if you’ll find two braziers in the left hall and one located to the right. The goal is to light these up as fast as possible with the Confringo spell. Lighting them too slowly simply won’t work here. To make sure you’re fast enough, stand in between both hallways and light the braziers to the left side first. Immediately after, send Confringo to the lonely brazier on the right.

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Upon success, the quest objective will change and the main door to Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium will open up. This is only the beginning of the quest with Sebastian and Ominis. You’ll have more puzzles ahead that lead to the Crucio Curse you’ve been looking for in Hogwarts Legacy.

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