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How to Open Red Chests in Jedi Survivor

Leave no chest unopened.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Red Chest Jedi Survivor

There are all kinds of chests to open in Jedi Survivor that require familiar abilities or fresh methods before you can claim the loot that sits inside. Red chests are one of the containers that require a fresh method and it makes finding them early on that much more frustrating.

You’ll know you found a red chest, not just by the bright red paint, but also by the antenna-like piece on the side of the box. They’re enticing and they almost always contain some good items, so I’ll quickly go over how you can pry these open and be on your way.

Jedi Survivor – How to Open Red Chests

Aside from the antenna and the red paint, there is one more feature that makes all of these chests different. They all have power lines and an electrical box nearby. If you found the Vashtan Wolfe cave early on, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. However, you need the Electro Dart upgrade in order to change anything about the electrical boxes or the red chests in Jedi Survivor. Backtracking is the name of the game and nothing changes with these late-game chests.

The Electro Dart is earned by completing the main story mission in the Fogged Expanse, which is much later in the game. You can always attempt to get here early, but I tried, and it doesn’t go well. Once you have the upgrade, unlocking any of the red chests is simple. Open up the dart using BD-1, just like the Koboh Matter Spray, and hit the electrical boxes with the dart to overcharge them.

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Causing an overcharge will unlock the chests. They still need to be manually opened afterward, so don’t forget where the actual loot is. It’s super easy to get used to the Electric Dart and I was relieved once I finally had access to the dart in Jedi Survivor. I was getting sick of looking at all those unopened chests on my map, and now no path is blocked.

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