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How to Solve the Vashtan Wolfe Puzzle in Jedi Survivor

The solution is shocking!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Vashtan Wolfe Jedi Survivor

Anyone who is exploring the Derelict Dam section of Koboh as they make their way to the Outpost will likely run into a room with Vashtan Wolfe. We can’t see the character, but he speaks to Cal behind a locked door in Jedi Survivor, and he has a puzzle with a chest as a reward.

Although Vashtan Wolfe will continue to claim that the chest in the empty room with a blazing fire is open for the taking, you’ll need to solve the puzzle at least. There is clearly an electrical box involved, but the rest may take a while, and I’ll explain the solution in this guide.

Jedi Survivor – How to Open the Vashtan Wolfe Chest

When you enter the chamber, which is located within the tunnel of the Derelict Dam, you’ll see a fire in front of you. I promise that Wolfe has nothing good planned for you so just ignore him. To the left of the fire is the red chest. To the right of the fire is a wall that Cal can use to run on and climb higher. Using the wall to climb will allow you to reach the electrical box.

However, you’ll need an Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1 that allows the droid companion to overcharge those boxes. Cal won’t earn that upgrade until much later in Jedi Survivor, so if you’ve just arrived in Koboh, simply forget about the puzzle and come back when you get the BD-1 Electric Dart.

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When you’re finally able to overcharge the box, the chest will unlock and Vashtan Wolfe will tell you the loot is yours in Jedi Survivor. All I’ll say is you should be prepared for something more than some easy loot, especially in a wide-open room with a dimly lit fire. In the end, the wait for the upgrade was worth it.

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