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How to open Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite

by Aidan O'Brien

With Dragon Ball arriving in Fortnite for a crossover event, it means a lot of new items and challenges have also arrived in the game. With so much to do, players might be feeling a little snowed under, which is why we will be doing assorted guides to help you get to grips with the ongoing event.

First, one of the challenges is to open Capsule Corp Capsules in the game. Capsule Corp is a special company from the Dragon Ball universe, and they appear to be launching supplies onto the island in Fortnite.

How to open Capsule Corp Capsules

If you open your map at the start of a round, you will see a number of white and blue icons with an orange glow zooming across the map. These are the Capsule Corp Capsules. Head to any of these locations, and you will find the orange glowing capsule waiting for you.

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Interact with the Capsule as you would any other source of loot, and you can open it. This can result in one of two Mythic items appearing. The first is the Nimbus Cloud, a means of getting around the map much easier. You can also get the Kamehameha, a powerful blast of energy that will devastate your enemies.

Keep in mind, that these capsules will be highly sought after, so you expect a lot of other players to be trying to get them as well. Make sure you loot up before you head to the area, or try and land at a spot that will give you good loot and allow you to get there quickly. All you need to do for this challenge is open up two of the capsules, so it shouldn’t take you all that long if you are lucky.

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