How to get a Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite

Silver linings.

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Dragon Ball and Fortnite are joining forces, which means there are lots of fun new things to do in Epic’s extraordinarily popular game. One of them is that players can now fly around on a Nimbus Cloud, a classic ability from the long-running Dragon Ball series.

Nimbus clouds are actually real things, a very specific type of cloud, but in the series, some characters can summon them and fly around on them as a means of transport.

How to get the Nimbus Cloud

The Nimbus Cloud is a Mythic item in the game, and it will drop onto the map randomly during a match. The Kamehameha will arrive in Capsule Corp drops that can arrive on the map, and will appear at the start of a match. They will fall from the sky in a similar fashion to Supply Drops and will be marked on the map with the glowing icons shown on the image above. This will name the areas they drop very dangerous, as everyone will be trying to get there to get them.

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You can also purchase a Nimbus Cloud from Bulma at Kame House. Kame House can be found on a small island to the east of the now destroyed statue of The Foundation. It will cost 250 Gold Bars to buy the Nimbs Cloud from Bulma.

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