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How to Make Vegetable Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Veggie Soup for everyone!

by Nikola L
vegetable soup in disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has amassed a faithful following over the past few months despite it being an early-access title, and the popularity of the game does not wane at all it seems. Gameloft did an amazing job of mixing up the “life sim” and “adventure” genres. There are many fun activities that you can take part in within the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, with one of them and no doubt the most popular being cooking. Gameloft consistently adds new recipes for meals that you can either eat to boost your character, sell for Star Coins, or to complete a quest with or give as a gift.

In this guide, Prima Games will tell you how to cook Vegetable Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is the Recipe for Vegetable Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Vegetable Soup (more commonly known as Veggie Soup in real life) is an easy meal to make. You will need any two vegetables, along with one piece of Coal to start the stove. Just drag and drop the vegetables that you wish to boil from your inventory straight into the cooking pot. Because you can use any vegetable, we’d advise using two that are either the quickest to grow or that can be bought for cheap from Goofy’s Stall to save you time. Either way, it really is that simple so you definitely won’t have any issues with this one.

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