How to Make Sweet Udon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Sweet Udon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you brave enough to try it?

“The Pride of the Valley”, The Lion King update recently arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley and brought many brand new recipes that include a new fruit that you can grow – the Dreamlight Fruit. In order to unlock the ability to plant this new kind of fruit and make some new interesting dishes that require it as an ingredient, you must first level up your friendship with Simba.

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“Seed of Memories” is the name of the level 7 friendship quest that you need to complete after which the Dreamlight Fruit will become available to you. In order to quickly raise the friendship level with Simba, do the usual approach – shower him with gifts, or assign him a role to speed up the process. Once you get Dreamlight Fruit you will be able to make many new dishes including the Sweet Udon – check out the guide below to find out what else is required for this recipe.

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How to Make Sweet Udon in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Sweet Udon is an Entrée dish that requires four ingredients, including the new Dreamlight Fruit – it’s a four-star meal that gives +1,427 energy, and can be sold for +180 Star Coins. To craft it you will need the following:

  • Dreamlight Fruit x1 – Once you unlock it, as explained above, you can harvest 3 every day. However, you can harvest more after finishing Simba’s Level 10 quest.
  • Rice x1 – Goofy sells it at his Stall in the Glade of Trust, or you can grow your own.
  • Any Sweets x1 – Some examples include sugarcane, cocoa beans and vanilla.
  • Any Seafood x1 – Find them on the ground along Dazzle Beach’s coast.

Mix everything listed above in the pot at the cooking station to make some Sweet Udon.

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The idea of having a seafood dish that is actually sweet can make me sick just thinking about it – but like everything else in Dreamlight Valley, it looks delicious and magical! …but I still do not want to know how it smells. Bon Appétit!

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