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How to Make Money Fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Spending a small fortune on bottlecaps, is this the Mojave Wasteland?

If you’re getting into competitive Pokemon, you know one thing more important than the stats and move sets of your Pokemon: cold hard cash. Without cash, you can’t buy those vitamins to boost your Pokemon’s stats or the bottle caps to let you hyper train. Neither one comes cheap. One bottle cap is 20,000 Pokedollars and one vitamin is 10,000. And assuming you want to get an entire team of Pokemon competitive, it means you’ll be dumping a significant amount of cash into each adorable killer.

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So, how do you make cash fast?

How to Make Money Fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are a few methods. The most proactive method, and one that nets you a surprising amount of cash, is to head to Asado Desert. It’s here that you’ll find Stardust and Star Piece in ample supply. One Startdust will net you 1,500 Pokedollars and on Star Piece 8,000. It will take approximately 2 hours for you to max out your money using this method.

Another method, if you can set your controller to spam ‘a’ and afk, is to participate in the Academy Ace Tournament. This is a little more difficult than driving circuits around the desert, as you need a Pokemon that can sweep every trainer that it comes across and ideally can wear the Amulet Coin.

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You’ll want your Pokemon to be as close to Level 100 as possible and ONLY have that Pokemon in your team. Here are a few contenders to consider:

Gholdengo with 252 Defense and 252 Special Attack, Modest Nature, and Flash Cannon. Gholdengo will be spamming this one move the entire time. The issue with Gholdengo is that it will run into trouble if you meet Penny. For that reason, you might consider putting a Choice Specs on it. The other, likely better, option is Flutter Mane. Flutter Mane with 252 Defense and 252 Special Attack, with Amulet Coin and Moonblast, ideally. But it’s possible that it will go down to Clavel’s Amoonguss, however, so it’s not a flawless system, so if you can check back in should Clavel appear, that’s ideal.

Another AFK method is to abuse the breeding mechanic in picnics. You’ll want to set up a breeding pair of Pokemon that can’t breed. For example, a same-sex couple or a paradox Pokemon. Then, you’ll want to buy bananas from Sure Cans (80 Pokedollars each) and buy butter and peanut butter from Artisan Bakery. Get around 10 of each or more. You can buy all of these ingredients in Mesagoza.

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Remove all Pokemon that you won’t be “breeding”. Then, head to a smooth surface for a picnic where you can see shiny items on the ground. The best place is Asado Desert. There’s technically a glitch here, where if you set your picnic up on a sparkle that you know is a high-value item (ideally a Star Piece though I’m not above settling for Star Dust) and set your picnic basket on top of it, the basket will glitch and only produce those high-value items.

But even without that glitch, if you create an Egg Power Level 2 sandwich in your basket, you’ll still get ample items, so long as an item is nearby. I’ve also had luck using this method without using sandwiches. Wait around for 30 minutes and you should have a basket full of sellable items.

An alternative method is to these is to grind out Tera Raids, though they tend to be less efficient though perhaps more fun. The highest value items are only available at 5 and 6 Star Raids, and their value varies between 5,000 to 10,000 Pokedollars, making finding items in Asado Desert more time efficient. But Tera Raids will also net you Exp. Candy, so it’s to your preference.

Good luck getting that cash, trainer!

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