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How to Make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella

Anyone else getting hungry?

by Matt Vatankhah

You’ve gotta stay well-nourished throughout your journey in Harvestella, as just about every activity you do saps your stamina before you realize it. You can’t expect to manage a farm and slay monsters on an empty stomach, right? That’s where the Lethe Hamburger and Egg meal steps in – a seriously hearty Lethe specialty that’s famous for its thick hamburger steak and fried egg combo. Can’t forget the mushrooms, either! Man, I’m hungry. Here’s how to make the Lethe Hamburger and Egg meal in Harvestella.

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How To Unlock Lethe Hamburger and Egg Recipe in Harvestella

Before you get the steaks sizzlin’, you’ve gotta at least learn how to make the meal by obtaining its recipe. The Lethe Hamburger and Egg recipe is unlocked by purchasing the Homely Lethe Recipes booklet for 300 Grilla from the Lethe General Store.

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How To Make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella

Once you grab that recipe and have unlocked your kitchen in Harvestella, you can head over to it with the following ingredients to cook the Lethe Hamburger and Egg dish:

  • (2) Meat — obtained by slaying most monsters in the wild.
  • (1) Egg — produced by Cluffowls or purchased from the Lethe general store for 120 Grilla.
  • (2) Little Mushrooms — cannot be grown, only obtained by collecting through gathering.

The meal takes 40 in-game minutes to prepare, and provides you with the following benefits when consumed:

  • 2450 HP
  • Stamina +100%
  • Poison Damage UP
  • 30 Hunger Replenished

Huge buffs from a huge meal. You’ll want to save this one for a special time when you’re really hungry.

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Harvestella is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.