How to Make Ketchup Omelet in Harvestella

A staple breakfast for adventurers.

There’s much to do in Harvestella, and just about everything takes energy to complete. Because of that, you’ll wanna make sure you’re well-nourished throughout your journey with big, hearty meals to last you for a whole day. Obviously, you can’t just go around eating berries and expecting to swing swords and pickaxes around without passing out from exhaustion. Start your morning off on the right foot with the Ketchup Omelet – a perfect blend of eggs and Nemean tomato ketchup that’ll give you the boost you need to get any job done. Here’s how to make Ketchup Omelet in Harvestella.

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How to Unlock Ketchup Omelet Recipe in Harvestella

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Before you’re able to cook this classic breakfast meal, you’ll have to first obtain its recipe. The Ketchup Omelet recipe is found inside a treasure chest right on your farm in Bird’s Eye Brae. Craft yourself a repair kit, and head up to the Hilltop Motus Monolite to find a broken bridge. Repair the bridge, and you’ll see a treasure chest on the other side. Loot the chest, and you’ll have the Ketchup Omelet recipe unlocked.

How To Make Ketchup Omelet in Harvestella

Once you’ve obtained the recipe and unlocked your kitchen in Harvestella, head over to it with the following materials to cook up the Ketchup Omelet:

  • (1) Egg — produced by Cluffowls or purchased from the Lethe general store for 120 Grilla.
  • (1) Nemean Tomato — harvested on your farm, seeds purchasable at the Nemea general store for 170 Grilla.
  • (1) Dress Lettuce — harvested on your farm, seeds purchasable at the Lethe general store for 55 Grilla.

The meal takes 30 in-game minutes to prepare, and provides the following benefits when consumed:

  • 1450 HP
  • Stamina +70%
  • Physical Attack +10%
  • 25 Hunger Replenished

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