How to Make BBQ Churrasco in Harvestella

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There’s plenty of meals to satisfy the hunger of every adventurer out there in Harvestella, but this next one’s strictly for the carnivorous, barbeque enthusiasts that love all things meat. The BBQ Churrasco is the perfect feast during a late night of heavy drinking, as the thick chunks of meat, Cucumble, and Carrops are skewered and cooked to perfection, making it a favored dish amongst Lethe drinkers. Are you salivating already? Here’s how to make BBQ Churrasco in Harvestella.

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How To Unlock BBQ Churrasco Recipe in Harvestella

Before you can prepare a meal in Harvestella, you’ll have to obtain its recipe first. The BBQ Churrasco recipe is unlocked by purchasing the Selected Recipes booklet for 500 Grilla from the general store in Lethe Village.

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How To Make BBQ Churrasco in Harvestella

After unlocking your kitchen in Harvestella, head over to it with the following ingredients to cook up a serving of BBQ Churrasco:

  • (2) Meat — obtained by slaying most monsters in the wild.
  • (2) Cucumbles — harvested on your farm.
  • (2) Carrops — harvested on your farm, seeds purchasable at the general store for 105 Grilla.
  • (2) Little Mushrooms — gathered around Bird’s Eye Brae and various other locations.

The meal takes 40 minutes (in-game) to prepare, and provides the following benefits when consumed:

  • 2450 HP
  • Stamina +80%
  • Magic Attack +10%
  • Defense +10%
  • Poison Damage UP

Now that’s a hearty meal. You can save the BBQ Churrasco for a time in need on the battlefield, or you can deliver it to Van’s father in Lethe Village for a large sum of Grilla in return.

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